Fritsche offers Technical textiles und wovens made of Nomex, Kevlar, Preox, Polyester, Polyamide, Nylon, Polyacryl, Polyester, Polypropylene.




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Dupont Nomex

ISO 9001


Compendium of common standards

Fire fighters: Testing and certification of personal protective clothing

HuPF Manufacturing- and testing specifications for protective clothing of firefighters


Manufacturing- and testing specifications according to the standards of different several federal states
EN 469 European specification for protective clothing of fire fighters

Industry: Relevant European specifications for protective clothing

EN 340 General requirements for protective clothing

EN 343 Protective clothing against bad weather

EN 348 Specification concerning the performance of materials, influenced by small spillings of molten metal

ISO 6942:2002
(formerly EN 366)
Protective clothing against thermal heat radiation

EN 367 Protective clothing against convective heat

EN 368 Resistance of materials against the diffusion of liquids

EN 468 Protection against liquid chemicals
Testing method: resistance against the diffusion of sprays

EN 470 Protective clothing for welding and similar procedures

EN 471 High visibility reflective clothing

EN 530 Abrasion resistance of materials for protective clothing

EN ISO 11612:2008
(formerly EN 531)
Protective clothing for industrial workers under heat exposure

EN ISO 15025:2002
(formerly EN 532)
Protective clothing against heat and flames.
Testing method for limited propagation of flames.

EN 533 Protective clothing - requirements for flame propagation

EN 1149 Testing method for the determination of the specific surface resistance

DIN EN 25077 Textiles; determination of the shrinkage after washing and tumbling (ISO 5077)

Testing method
IEC/CD 61482-2:2006
Protective clothing against electric arcs