Fritsche offers Technical textiles und wovens made of Nomex, Kevlar, Preox, Polyester, Polyamide, Nylon, Polyacryl, Polyester, Polypropylene.




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Dupont Nomex

ISO 9001


Coating and Finishing Processes


A distinction is drawn between materials which are dyed by the producer (pigmented,e.g. Nomex Tough®) and raw white materials, which are dyed after weaving (piece dyed).

Pigmented materials show an outstanding lightfastness, on the other hand the piece dyed materials offer a much larger flexibility concerning the colour range. We would be pleased to send you a current catalogue on request.


Finishing is an additional process after weaving. In the simplest case this only could mean washing out the processing agents – which are necessary for a smooth production flow- but in the most cases it involves more finishing processes.

Coating / Lamination

Coating means the application of a paste/ foam (or similar) on a textile, to provide it with special properties e.g. water repellency, air permeability, improvement of the bending resistance, improvement of abrasion,etc.

Lamination means to glue a foil on a textile (e.g. aluminum foil, membrane). The range of coatings/laminations is very large and has to be accommodated to each customer´s request. Thus you often can’t resort to standard products.

Ecology / Environment

We attach greatest importance that all our products are produced and delivered according to the latest environmental requirements. Almost the complete production and finishing processes take place in Germany and are carried out with special selected partner companies. The company Fritsche is certified according to ÖkoTex 100 (class 2) certificate.